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Plenty ask me how is MrsJ doing? To be honest she is doing really well and we take one day at a time as we move forward against all the odds stacked up in front of us.

In fact we have so much going on through a sheer determination to succeed and a strong discipline we both share. I treated MrsJ to a new mini iPad that arrived yesterday. The old one was a few years old and the processor couldn’t keep up with the websites etc. Anyway I digress, due to having a new iPad half a dozen new tops arrived today. These tops are now a size 12! That’s down from a size 24 without any form of exercise as it’s not possible as yet...... No gimmicks, just quality real food along with the medicinal herbs/spices and avoiding the baddies whilst repeating the daily systems. Keep pushing All, the kitchen is where it’s at.

Onwards we go