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*****Important Update*****

I have constantly mentioned over the last few months that it’s impossible to answer everyone and to use my style as ideas for you to try whilst completing more research yourselves.

Unfortunately on Sunday I foolishly updated my Gala Pie. What happened after that was a complete avalanche of my inboxes where I was constantly asked questions, the majority I ignored. Each time the question starts with “just one question” then they try again with “are you there”

Eventually the question that broke the camels back as they say was this: “If you could write up the ingredients and method for me I will give it a go, I can’t see how you can make the pie that deep with the ground almond mix”!? I didn’t reply to that either and won’t be.

That pie mix has taken me 3 months to perfect on my own in my kitchen, I don’t sit down and watch tv like that and I certainly don’t spend all day on social media. In the past 12 months we’ve put pre diabetes/type2 into remission and now we are making massive inroads in our fight against progressive ms (a condition with no known cure) Where we are heading is groundbreaking, it will take all of our focus, each weekday morning we are up with the dawn chorus.

The majority of the questions are from people who have good health, those fighting chronic health are happily having a go and changing their lives.

I’ve thought long and hard for months about the direction of the Ice Cold Pages, too many are taking the proverbial out of me. My style of real food is totally different, I see how others are doing it and more than happy in my way and doing it for us both here. I constantly delve deeper into the food chain to move the food around with the herbs/spices.

For all the above and much more there will be no more food updates from my Ice Cold Pages. It’s not going in the direction I want it to go in. I am taking a backward step from the pages to allow us both time to do what we need to do. What direction I move it all will be decided in the coming months and there’s enough ideas already in this page and my website to keep all going. There’s only so much a willing horse will do, I’ve reached that point.

The surgery sessions are staying as they are working fantastically well. We are both fine and I talk honestly and openly. Time to change our direction and our destiny.

Thanks for reading, good luck all.

John x