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Those of you who remember seeing the 100 counter will know we absolutely smashed through the target.

We left it counting back up as the full sleeps kept coming.

Now we stand at 437 of them without any ms tremors at night and no need for any of us to get back up to make any adjustments. All that and more has and is being achieved by eating real food, yes I use herbs/spices heavily due to their medicinal purposes and it’s paying massive dividends.

The following areas help massively in making it all happen.

Planning (what meals do you fancy in the week, shop to suit and also to give you options)

Prepping ( use the kitchen equipment, here it’s the slowcooker to prepare foods/broths in advance.

Removing stress for the coming week)

Cooking ( cook what you enjoy to eat and in my case I use the kitchen as the timeout zone. It’s my way of mindfulness daily and allows my mind to slip into a relaxing mode)

From there repeat the processes/systems and watch the magic begin to work.