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Today has been one of those days where we pinch ourselves.

Finishing the window film in the level access shower made us realise just how far we have come along our new road. For years we just existed whilst life appeared to whistle past us. Then the move into the new lifestyle change and you’ve seen what we have achieved so far by being utterly relentless.

We’ve totally revamped our home downstairs with a new kitchen/dining area/tv lounge/open plan wardrobes/newly decorated right through. The whirlpool bath is the next thing to arrive in July and help us in our next attack against the MS beast.

I personally thank all of the experts who have and are passing knowledge into me, it’s never wasted and in fact fuels me to go looking for more research. Health is wealth, it is that simple and now we can certainly see the light after years of darkness.

When I say never give up I mean it, I’m talking from Lived experience and know exactly what it takes.

Keep pushing All 💪 x