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As ever with everything we do with the Ice Cold Chef work, it’s All FREE.

Our Facebook page now has over 1,600 followers, hundreds behind the scenes are fighting chronic health and won’t update publicly because of various stigmas they face.

I have been asked numerous times to provide an Ice Cold Chef Group, somewhere that those fighting can talk freely and support each other in a Peer Support fashion. The fact I am already doing that with my Patients Group and helping an expert in their knowledge tells me it works. The Facebook page will always be here to encourage, however sometimes things have to move forward to reach those we need to reach. I truly appreciate all the support you have given us both over the years.

We have a key to food/mindset that can help millions around the world. Trying to answer people privately has and is becoming hard work. We too need timeout and for that reason, there will be a Facebook Private Ice Cold Chef Page. People talk about stigma, it’s all around social media to talk and unless people have that platform they won’t! I talk from valued experience. Those that I invite to be inside this group will be fighting health conditions many don’t want.

I’m not a weight loss programme as many tell me, I am instead and always will be about people gaining the best possible health against the odds.

Thanks John x

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