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Bev (MrsJ) has asked me to put this update up for All.

Firstly she wants to Thank everyone for their support over the years and especially over the last 11 months.

Here we go: John and I are now entering our 12 month of the Ketogenic lifestyle, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think we would be able to achieve what we have so far. John works tirelessly to make sure his food keeps me healing and keeps me strong. I am a million times better than I was, the use of energy medicine has and is also helping me to fight the ms condition.

Being able to feel my body again is like having the best Christmas present as a child. To move forward I now need to up my visualisation techniques/energy medicine and that all takes time along with my own energy. I also want get back up on 2 feet with John, to do that I need to take a back seat from social media for a while and won’t be using my iPad or messenger. If anyone needs to contact me please do that via John in the 1st instance.

I know all of you will fully understand, the next chapter is going to be groundbreaking and one I want to succeed in.

Thanks all of you once more. Bev xx

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