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Right let’s talk about this pastry, how many of you enjoy a Cheese and Onion Pie? The thing is the onions can be quite high in carbs and let’s not forget the conventional short crust pastry pushing everything over its limits and becoming a no go area! 

Well, try this almond flour pastry, possibly the easiest and quickest pastry I have ever made. I certainly won’t be messing about in the future, I used a processor to bring it all together. You could make this in a large mixing bowl and use a kitchen knife to bring it all together. Give it a go, this pastry is low carb and paleo friendly as well.

• Almond Flour Pastry from the fridge
• 200g – 250g grated Lancashire cheese or a mature cheddar
• 6 large spring onions finely sliced (helping to keep the carbs down)
• Pinch of sea slat/coarse black pepper
• 1 egg lightly whisked for egg washing
• Spray oil or ghee
• 2 sheets of grease proof paper
1. Set the oven to 180c
2. Remove 1 of the wrapped almond pastry, unwrap and place onto 1 sheet of grease proof paper sat on your work top
3. Now use the 2nd sheet to cover the pastry, gently use the palm of one hand to flatten
4. Now you can use a rolling pin, don’t go crazy, this is far easier to roll than conventional pastry
5. Now lightly spray oil a small ovenproof dish
6.Remove the top sheet of grease proof paper and gently lift the bottom sheet, keep the flattened pastry on the sheet
7. Lift over your dish and allow the pastry to gently sit inside. Don’t worry if it shows a crack or splits, patch up it up with pastry
8. Mix the spring onions with the cheese and fill your pastry lined dish
9. Fill to the brim, don’t skimp
10. Roll out the 2nd almond pastry as you did the first one, this is to make your pie top
11. Lightly brush around the rim of the dish with the egg wash
12. Remove the top sheet of grease proof and lift the bottom sheet with the pastry still sat on it
13. Lift over the dish and place across the prepared pie
14. Gently crimp around the pie, I use the back of a flat knife. That way you get a nice and tight seal
15. Give the pie a good egg wash
16. Place into the oven for around 20-25 minutes until golden brown. I like to remove the pie half way through and give another egg wash, this helps to give more depth of colour 

I served a small piece with a salad tower and as a tapas for two Enjoy the simplicity of this pastry and the wonderful flavours created