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As many of you will know I hold Surgery Sessions with the Lead Sister and helping many patients to put type2 into remission.

Whilst holding them last year it became apparent that the next step is to hold “Cooking with John” in our home and all will have the ability to learn my simple way. The groups will be kept to around 6 at a time, all cooking with me and all enjoying a light lunch afterwards with the foods cooked. From there the groups can be adjusted so all get a chance and then on Christmas Day I can invite those who might be on their own with no one turning up.

All will have the ability to cook part of the Christmas Dinner and in turn creating a running buffet of clean foods. A low cost Secret Santa can also happen giving everyone a small gift and the board games can be played well into the evening.

That’s the plan as my session works move forward and MrsJ will be involved in the Cooking with John whilst keeping us all in check.

Thanks to Embroidery Unit for the Team aprons all in bright colours.

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