How it all started
How it all started
Around 10 years ago my wife Bev (MrsJ as she is known across social media) was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. It soon became apparent I would have to learn to cook as the progressive MS condition was taking hold.

I had never cooked before, Bev had always done it and was exceptional at it, as we enjoyed foods from all around the world. That's when my lessons started in the home, Bev teaching me at weekends as I prepared meals for the coming week.

One Saturday afternoon I was trying to make a lasagne, it just wasn't happening for me, looking back now I know I wanted to achieve it quicker but couldn't I didn't have the knowledge. Bev and I had a disagreement over how it should be cooked. A lager and glass of wine later, we finished the lasagne that night and enjoyed the meal.

At this time, Twitter had just started and I had the the idea of updating the food I was cooking, and keeping in touch with the outside world to share my new found passion for cooking.

Within a couple of weeks, professional chefs had picked up my tweets along with other restaurant/supplier contacts and then the real mentoring started. Chefs sending me knowledge and pictures of food to try, always pushing me out from my comfort zone and into a new area of cooking.

The end result being a greater control of our lives and food choices. It wasn't long after that many carers started to contact me about my meals and asking for advice. That's when Ice Cold Chef was born, a passion for the Ketogenic diet and my desire to share my meals which are simple and achievable by all of us.
We don’t count macros with any of our meal recipes, they are updated as a guide for you and to help you with your meal plans.

We use our experience of cooking over the years, portion control and knowledge from the low carb/ketogenic/paleo way of life. For that reason you are responsible for your own macros/portion sizes.

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